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Distance Learning 2020

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April 27, 2020

Good afternoon Woodbury Middle School;

Moving forward into week six of distance learning, we continue to look at ways to meet the needs of our students. As discussed in earlier correspondences, communication is necessary to provide the support needed for those students who are struggling. In the perfect world, teachers would talk to students face to face and get a feel on how they are doing. Although we video conference and encourage students to attend teacher office hours, it is often hard to gauge where our students are academically or emotionally. If, for any reason, your student needs additional support or is falling behind, please contact the teacher. We only know what we know. Teachers are doing their best every day to support all students.

On a similar topic, grading protocol for the third trimester was clarified in prior Principal's Update letter. Students' grades will not go down in trimester three as long as the student has demonstrated regular engagement and consistent completion of work assigned by their teachers, to the extent possible. With that, students who are not completing work or are not engaging in class will not qualify for the grading adjustment and will receive their actual PowerSchool calculated grade. Once again, if something is prohibiting your student from engaging or completing work, please contact the teacher or support staff so we may arrange support for them.

The staff at WMS recognizes the need to educate the whole student and understands the need for positive relationships, including an adult connection at school. Therefore, we are having a "Family Reunion" at WMS. Family was an important place for students to check-in and share how they are doing with peers and a trusted adult. Our Virtual Family will begin on Thursday of this week from 1:00-1:15 and continue every Monday and Thursday at that time. There will be no additional academic requirements in Family. This time will be designated for students to connect with their Family Teacher and share any concerns they may have academically or emotionally. Family classroom codes are linked here, and students are asked to join their Family Teacher's classroom.

Friday, May 1st, will be designated as a "student catch up day" by the district. Students are required to check into their regularly scheduled classes and use this time to complete or catch up on any missing or assigned work. Teachers will be unavailable for conferencing as they are working on professional learning.

The WMS PIM is working out details for the annual Mother's Day Flower Sale. PIM is working with our flower provider to continue this tradition with proceeds benefiting local families during this difficult time. There will be more information coming soon; we will keep you posted.

Many of our students who take a musical instrument or participate in chorus are missing classes. The music teachers have worked hard creating a schedule between 1:00 and 2:00 to provide instruction. Please do your best to attend when scheduled.

Sorry for the length of this update.

P.S. The deadline for yearbook orders is extended to April 29th. Please place your order if you haven't done so. More information is below.

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WMS Social Media Challenge: In an attempt to keep students connected with our school community, we have created #WMSCreates2020 for students to follow. We challenge students and our entire community (parents, staff, and siblings) to create something using found objects or just your creativity. Think of music, art, food, writing, fitness, trick shots, technology, etc. Send your entries to ashuhart@ctreg14.org or have students upload to the WMS Family folder under the WMSCreates assignment. We are posting on both Instagram and Twitter under #WMSCreates2020, or you can look to Twitter (@Woodbury_MSLMC) and Instagram (@wms_lmc_2020). Show us what you can do WMS!!

Yearbook Orders Extended to April 29:

We are working to put together a quality product for our students. If you had already ordered online or before we left school, THANK YOU!! The last day to order yearbooks has been extended to April 29th.

Follow the link and use the school code to order. Don't miss out on this memory!


school code is 5646920.

Stay Well,

Bill Nemec

Suzi Greene