No Teacher Left Behind

By Christine Plummer

Standards for Teachers

As a nation I think we should provide continued education for teachers each year. This should be in the form of workshops, college classes and trainings. Teachers should have the opportunity to hear from other teachers using new technologies and how they could be further supported in their current school. It is my opinion there should not be a disconnect between those teachers new in their field and teachers that have been teaching for a while. In order to support this we have to provide educational opportunities to those established teachers in the areas that are up and coming.

Classroom Practices

It is my opinion that teachers need to have control of the best practices in their room. While they must adhere to state educational standards and Common Core Standards, the way in which they teacher these standards needs to individualized for each classroom, school, region, and state. I believe we set practices that are mandated we first do not meet the needs of each child and we also run the risk of making teachers feel like they are stifled and are unable to be creative in their teaching.

I do think there has to be some accountability. For example, if you have a large student base that are high achievers then teachers be able to show how they helped them progress further in their learning. If you lower level learners teachers should not be judged on the results of each individual child but the results as a whole. As a whole did the class have some gains. If there were not gains seen in the middle of the year then teachers could be given support to further students growth. Maybe the administration needs to have parenting workshop to help students be more successful. Maybe their needs to be other community resources given to support the class. It is not my opinion that the entire success of the class is based on what happens or does not happen in the classroom. Support of growth outside of the classroom is important. I have seen this first hand in working with Head Start. A child could have irregular attendance due to family issues. Meeting with parents and helping them with their issues at home could affect their children in positive outcomes at school.

NET-S Standards in the Classroom

I think many of the teachers in recent years have been taught so that they can be prepared for the NET-S Standards. But I can see how there is a big divide between teachers. I recently went to my Jr. High daughter's Home House. She had some teachers using technology in innovated ways for students and parents to communicate with the teacher. One teacher had class codes where students could go on this secured site and post work, respond to teacher's postings and see what was coming up due. But there were others that their classrooms were very much the old style with a smart board replacing the chalkboard. So I feel that there needs to be a strong push for all teachers to embrace technology within their rooms and support student's develop in it. Some teachers for whatever reasons are not being encouraged to do so.