Ms. Taylor

Video Production, Yearbook, MS Careers, MS Theatre

What's In Store This Year?

I have several new ideas in store for this school year.
In video production we will be focusing on all the elements of film; lighting, angles, transitions, etc. in order to hopefully create our own short films. We will also be adding in some new projects that incorporate student iPads.
Yearbook will be taking a new approach to complete our book. The book theme for this school year is "Be[Fearless]"
Middle School Careers is new this year. We will be focusing on Career Clusters, interviewing and job applications.
Middle School Theatre is also new. They will be focusing on history, acting, and writing.

2015 Yearbook Conference/Workshop in Hutchinson

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"That's what we storytellers do. We restore order with imagination. We instill hope again and again and again." ~Walt Disney

A Little About Me...

I am an Emporia State University graduate and will complete my Master's program through ESU in May --Once a Hornet, Always a Hornet! It's hard to believe this is my 4th year in Ellinwood! I have a passion for film and story-telling and can't wait to get the school year started!


1st Hr: 8:00-8:50--Plan
2nd Hr: 8:54-9:44--Video Production
3rd Hr: 9:48-10:38--Media Tech
4th Hr: 10:42-11:32--Video Production
5th Hr: 12:00-12:51--MS Careers
6th Hr: 12:55-1:45--Video Production
7th Hr: 1:49-2:39--Yearbook
8th Hr: 2:43-3:33--MS Theatre

Grading Breakdown

15%--Filming at games/events

Questions or Concerns?

I would love to hear from you!

Class Procedures

Every class has a Google Classroom page. Through this I post announcements and reminders. Class syllabus/procedures can be accessed through Google Classroom.

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