Cracking the Case

How did Aunt Elda die

Background Information

Did the anesthesiologist give Aunt Elda to much anesthesia for her surgery? Is that how she died? I am part of a CSI team and i found out exactly how she died, but first, to figure out how she died i had to put water into a cuvete and then into the colorimeter to calibrate it accordingly for the situation, then I put in multiple cuvetes with anesthesia in them to see where they would fit on the graph, so that when I put aunt Elda's anesthesia she received I would be able to see where it lands on the graph.

I think i had anesthesia once because the doctor put a needle which had a super sharp pain in to my knee because i was running/jogging in my brothers room and as i slipped my knee got scraped into the circular open close thingy on a vent and my skin was hanging off and it was gross, but I had like 12 stitches.

Characteristics of anesthesia that people find desirable are that it can numb the pain.

Explanations supported by evidence

People have always been afraid of general anesthesia. Many fear they won’t wake up from this “artificial sleep” — actually more of a coma, albeit drug-induced and reversible. In the 1940s, for every one million patients operated on under full anesthesia, 640 died. By the end of the 1980s, fatalities were down to four per every million, thanks to modern safety standards and better medical training.

Aunt Elda died because of to much anesthesia because .465 is to much for one person you can see the data table and the graph that supports my conclusion and on the graph you can see that it has absorbency and the light shown and as one increases so does the other.

Step by Step for how to make a 20% solution

in a ten ml graduated cylinder you would have 2 ml solute and 8 ml solvent to have a 20% solution.