Snapshot - Home Learning Edition


Welcome to our CTS Snapshot - a weekly celebration update. We would like to continue to share the achievements of our students during this uncertain time. Each week we will include new ideas for student challenges to do at home, nominations of students who we are celebrating in each subject, and updates from the home learning team. If you have done a piece of work you are really proud of, or have completed one of our challenges and would like to share it in Snapshot next week, please email this to with the title of the email being 'Snapshot', including a short description of your work, and we will choose a selection to share.

Gallery of Work:



Nominated this week by our Maths team are:

Year 9 Maths students who have completed all this weeks’ Learning Loops tasks and achieved excellent scores are Milana, Julia, Oscar S, Alex, Finlay W. Also nominated are Alfie, Ellie and Dolton who are making good progress. Jack, Bethany and Lexia achieved 100% on this weeks’ assignment

Year 10 Maths students who have achieved 100% on their assignment this week are Eoin, Ines, Rhys and Junhao.


Here are the latest nominations for English:

Year 10- English students Sonny, Lily, Tamsyn, Katie , Dragos, Joel, Patryk for their excellent speech openings for their NEA.

Year 8- English students Myrtle, Isabel, Jonathan, Ellie, Dylan, Olivia, Armaan, Dexter, Floreen, Rhian, Josh for wonderful assignment work.

Year 7- English students Joshua and Rhys who are always the first to hand their assignments in, well done.

Year 10 student Marli for taking the time to go back and actively work on feedback given in her Drama assignment.


The Year 8 students below received 90% and above in their Geography assignment:

Jessica, Ella, Kiera, Thomas, Yunus, Corina, Patrick, Olivia, Emma, Rhema, Milena, Myrtle, Dylan, Jonathan, Kian, Szymon, Floreen, Joel, Chanel J, Sarah and Kacey-Leigh.

Very well done to everyone in Year 8 who submitted their History assignment on the Industrial revolution, there were some lovely pieces of work, including, Jonathon,

Cjay, Olivia W, Brooke, Keira, Ella C and Aimie-Leigh.


These Year 9 students completed an excellent Science assignment: James, Abigail, Daria, Oscar, Daniel, Finley, Jayme-Lei, Avantika, Julia, Milana, Holly, Ben and Andrew.


Year 10 students Tamsyn, Brady, Grace, Sam, Carmen and Katie have all made an excellent effort in their German assignment this week.

Well done to Year 9 students Oscar S, Julia, Andrew, Nikodem and Abigail for amazing dedication and hard work in Spanish.

Design and Technology:

Year 9 students Brandon S, Courtney H, and Joe M have all made a good effort this week with completing the self-marking quiz in their Learning Loop for Food Technology this week.

Well done to Year 10 student Carmen for excellent marks on her recent DT assignment.


We have seen a huge uptake from students taking part in the online practical fitness lessons, well done to all and keep up your hard work.

Well done to all our students who took part in the Virtual Sports Day, there were some fantastic efforts in the scores we had submitted and we look forward to launching our next Virtual Sports Day during week 7. Special mention to Sammah in Year 9 for getting a large number of her family involved, to Harry, Kaden and Kurtis in Year 7, Ellie and Myrtle in Year 8, Marshall and Rachel in Year 9 for their fantastic scores during the Virtual Sports Day.

Home Learning Nomination

Huge congratulations to Rhys in year 7 who appeared on the official England Football Team’s podcast with the Head of England goalkeeping to discuss the importance of young goalkeepers playing outfield to develop their skills.
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This lovely piece was created by Year 8 student Halle B as part of the Creative Commission.
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This piece was created by Year 7 Arina as part of the creative commission. The characters on her cheek means “light” in Korean. Arina chose this as she feels that right now our times are dark and we do need a little bit of light.

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Snapshot Student Challenges

Each week we will be setting you some extra challenges on Snapshot to do at home. Send us pictures of your successes to: to share in our next edition.

Life Skills Challenge

Practice your interview skills. Ask an adult - either someone you live with or a friend or family member on video call – to ask you some interview questions and give you some feedback on your responses. How do you come across to a potential employer?

Following last week's challenge we would like to congratulate Rhys G in year 7 who completed the life skills challenge this week and sent us a description of what he did along with the spreadsheet he produced – it looked very professional. Here’s what he said:

‘I asked my mum lots of questions about house bills and cost of living. It was interesting to find out how much everything costs and I was shocked. I made a spreadsheet and listed all the bills I would have to cover. My mum advised me you also get 25% tax on your salary so I deducted that amount. I worked out to have a comfortable living I would need a yearly salary of £30,000. I looked online to work out the Excel formulas but also did some of the maths on paper before entering it all on a spreadsheet.

My mum said this is why I have to work hard at school so I can get a good job when I am older so I can have a nice life.’

Creative Commission

Create something beautiful using water. This could be a photograph, a sculpture, a watercolour painting or maybe even a water feature for your garden!

Enrichment Inspiration

Meditation and mindfulness practice is a great way of finding peace and calm during a stressful time. Try some mindfulness or meditation practice. You may find this easier using an app such as smiling mind which will guide you through this step by step.
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Weekly Winners May 25th – May 31st

Highest number of students taking quizzes – 7CO
Highest number of quizzes passed – 7CO
Highest number of words read – 7CO

Careers News:

Careers information is being sent through Tutor groups in Teams and our Careers Advisor Julie Thompson can be contacted for advice by either parents or students via email at: