Willkommen zu Deutsch

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Handbook/Syllabus Acknowledgment

Students and parents are required to sign the Handbook/Syllabus Acknowledgment form. Please read it carefully and let me know if you have questions. Upload it to the "Handbook/Syllabus Acknowledgment" dropbox.
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Netiquette for our German Virtual Classroom

1. Be polite. Start your email with an appropriate greeting. If you have a request, make sure to end it with a “Thank you”

2. Refrain from jokes and sarcasm. There will be an automatic record of your online communication. Keeping this in mind, be respectful. It is always best to err on the side of being overly formal.

3. Never answer to an email or make an online post when you are angry. If you get mad at a mistake in your grades or a lower grade than you felt you deserved on your work, you must remember who's on the other end reading the e-mail and treat that person (in this case, me) as if I am standing face-to-face with you.

4. Use mixed case letters. Using all upper case letters looks like you are shouting.

5. Avoid ‘texting’ language in all of your online communication. Write in complete sentences and proofread your emails before hitting 'send'.

6. Give enough information for the person receiving your e-mail to understand what you're concerned about. Saying "You made a mistake on two of my grades" doesn't help at all. Specific information needs to be added to avoid wasting time e-mailing back and forth to understand and finally, remedy the problem.

7. Practice your German as much as possible. When emailing me, start and end your email in German.