The Gnome Knows. . . Do You?

The Scoop at the WCCC Media Center

Welcome New Teachers

Let me be one of the first to welcome to the WCCC. I think you will find career center to be a great place to work, one where you will find your extended work family. But first things first. . . introductions. My name is Winnie Milner and I am the media specialist. What does that mean to you? Well, I hope you will quickly discover what I have to offer to help make your transition and teaching experience here easier.

Just so you know, a large part of my job is supporting the staff and students. The following is an abbreviated list of things I have done in the past and would love to do for you.

  • Help you to integrate digital material through MOODLE or Google
  • Conduct workshops for your students in Google, Prezi, VoiceThread, Brainshark, Smore, Blogger, etc.
  • Reset your Google password
  • Convert assignments, quizzes and tests to Google forms and then upload scripts to grade them for you
  • Learn new web tools and help create original programming using them
  • Find adaptive tools and apps for your struggling and identified students
  • Teach research and introduce the numerous reputable resources provided by INFOhio and other ePublishers
  • Meet to discuss what materials are available to you and your students that directly enhance your curriculum or help address the common core
  • Troubleshoot computer and equipment issues

With that said, I hope you take a minute out of your super busy schedule to check out what the media center is all about and see how I may help you. Or just give me a ring at extension 5315. Either way, I want to make my myself and my services an integral part of your job here at the career center.

A few more media center policies. . .

Please call the media center prior to sending students down for materials or assistance. I can be teaching, troubleshooting about the building, or attending meetings and my absence will allow your student to wander if you send them down prior to checking with me first.

Computers are available for student check-out, but first students will need to turn in a technology requisition form. In addition, the laptop will need to be returned each day.

No, I'm not really the gnome obsessed media specialist (well, kind of), but the gnome is the media center mascot. Everyone needs one right?

I hope to see you soon. (I have chocolate and I'm willing to share.)