Top 4 Foods These Winters

When winters strike, you have to take care of your diet

The arrival of winters is the signal of a diet surge for people, and it is precisely with the onset of chilling winter season when people fear that they may increase their weight to uncontrollable level. So, how to enjoy the season without getting preoccupied with the phobia of weight gain?

Here’s the catch. Get hold of your favorite winter foods and make sure that you just limit them to one or two but an entire buffet coupled with some other healthy meals is always a good combination to follow. Below presented is a list of some meals that are not just healthy but also idyllic when it comes to providing a scrumptious meal for these winters.

Pomegranate: Known as the key agent against inflammation the fruit is always considered a good starter in winters. For more taste and delight mix them with oatmeal for a crunchy meal.

Brussels Sprouts: You can remove the external layer of these fruits and can present them with olive oil and sea salt. This adds more to their taste and helps in enhancing the delight that you intend to extract from them.

Leeks: The combination of this food when added or present in the form of a salad or omelet is absolutely delicious. Many restaurants have also started presenting leek soup with potatoes as it is one of the most awaited winter items.

Kiwifruit: Considered as a reservoir of immunity boosting agents, it has been estimated that one kiwifruit seed contains about 100 milligrams of immunity booster. Hence, for those who are highly vulnerable to infections and fever due to weather switch, kiwifruit can be an ideal meal.

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