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Features of Earth's Crust

The Earth has four features, the crust, mantle, outer, and inner core. The crust is the first layer of the earth mostly made of rock. The second layer is the mantle the layer below the crust lava is inside the mantle making it hot. The third layer is the outer core getting closer the the core it is hot because it is close to the dense core and the decay of radioactive elements. The final layer is the inner core or the core the hottest of the rest because of the surrounding materials is so intense that it can't melt.

Geologists how they study Earth

The reason we can study earth is because of volcanoes. Volcanoes are like a window to us and inside the earth. We can also learn about the earth by seismic waves when earthquakes occur they produce from earthquakes so we track them to learn about Earth.

Earth Vocabulary

Vocabulary words you should know are

seismic waves- caused by earthquakes waves flowing through the earth.

basalt- a dark colored igneous rock that is fine grained.

granite- a light colored rock that the grains a big enough to be visible.

lithosphere- the outer part of earth including the crust.

asthenosphere- the deforming mantle of earth it lies below the lithosphere.

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