Autism Awareness Fundraiser

Helping Families


There is no written rule as to when you can support a cause. I'm sharing with you that you can be a catalyst for change and awareness!!
I'm an educator and work with children on the spectrum of learning disabilities. Autism is a primary classification for many children and sadly that number is growing at a rapid pace. Many families need support across the board and the HollyRod Foundation is one that helps to provide that in many ways.

Starting April 1 - 30th your purchase will make a difference.

HollyRod Foundation & Stella &Dot

Since partnering with the HollyRod Foundation in 2013, we have raised over $221,000! The funds generated from this collaboration helped to support various autism summer camps, social skills and adolescent prevocational programs around the US and Canada. We have been able to grant more than 100 tablets to non-verbal children with autism giving them the “Gift of Voice.” Due to the success of our 2014 campaign, we are also funding 5 new RJ’s Places that will open in children’s hospitals and autism centers across the U.S. and Canada to provide technology for children living with autism and to create a refuge for siblings who must accompany their brother or sister to treatment.

Holly also has a son that is on the spectrum, she advocates for him and others that are fighting to enlighten those that don't know or recognize these children. As children on the spectrum get older, there is a host of new concerns for parents and children alike.
Many don't think a bracelet, puzzle piece or the color blue does anything, but they are wrong. It brings awareness to the cause, it's a gateway to starting a dialogue, refusing the rude comments, and stares, clearing up some of the "mystery" others have. I wear my bracelet with pride!


I'm inviting you to be a part of this event, not only to ask for you supportive purchase but to inform and learn from you as well.
Share on your wall, with your friends, family coworkers and more. If each of us comes together we can help so many children that need advocacy, tools, love, compassion and understanding.
Let's light it up #BUE all month long!!

Starting April 1 - 30th your purchase will make a difference.

We will be active online to share, discuss and come together in a forum that is working towards change, knowledge and exchange of support.

I Care

it's not always about making a sale, it is about using the business as a platform to support your cause, your passion your fight. Making a difference in the life of just one person!