Charlotte's Web

How to help your child discuss drama at home!

What is a Drama?

A drama (or play) is a special kind of fiction story. It is a story that people perform on a stage or in front of a camera. Sometimes a drama is called a play. Headland Elementary students were able to experience the play Charlottes Web. Use the terms below to discuss (and reinforce) their appreciation and understanding of drama.

Drama Terms

Act - A main section of a drama's action

Cast of Characters - The characters in a drama

Character - A person or animal in a story or play

Drama or Play - A story meant to be performed by actors

Dialogue - The words spoken by a character

Scene - A section of an act

Setting - The location in which a play is set and how it is described

Stage Directions - Tell characters how to act or speak their lines or about the setting, props and lighting

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