Jarrett Hubbard & Samantha Finglass


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Dive into the world of Taylor Sullivan and Ronald Lotz where the country has stranded Manhattan island and it’s inhabitants are left to survive or die. The war is waging on, and everyone is fighting to make it to safety, to be an American again. While both characters will surely be able to help others, the real question is, can they save themselves?


The Secret Service - By: Jarrett Hubbard

I guess I had never told them. Heck, I rarely told anyone. I was a stubborn, rude and overwhelming boss that nobody would even want to be around me if I wasn’t the one who signed their paychecks. I grew up in a town that didn’t know the true meaning of poor. Everyone had money and LOTS of it. My parents were strict on me since I was their “most promising” child, as they would say. I graduated as the valedictorian of my class and got a full paid ride to NYU. After my graduation, I decided to spend time in the military as an ATC controller when I was just starting out. It was a good job that I knew would always be there so I could guarantee my job security. I did 4 years there, transferred back to the states and was honorably discharged for my service. I had never told anyone who I really was.

A Sliver of Hope - By: Samantha Finglass

And that is how I got to this point. Here, back on the other side. Within hours of making a call to my office, a rescue helicopter came and picked me up. My boss met me with desperation in his eyes, ready to hear the story that would give his beloved paper the spotlight it needed to outshine its competitors. But little did he know that the DMZ is much more than a gold mine for knowledge. It is a place where our darkest fears come to life and attempt to swallow us whole, but we somehow survive. The people who live there are no less human than you and me, but we act as if they are savage beasts because our country abandoned them. And so now I am one of the most successful journalists in the business. But I never cared about the success, or the money. I just wanted to make sure the stories were told. And so they were. The pain, the joy, the starvation, and everything in between.

Epilogue Tips


The best way to stay on track with your goal is to log it. You can do this by making a chart or writing your progress in a journal. You could also make your progress public by posting videos or blogs.


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