The Columbian Exchange


Positive effects

  • One of the positive effects is that the natives and columbus's group combined there growing technique.That made new foods that we eat today.
  • Another positive effect is that they spread religon.They both thought religon was a big part of there culture.
  • The last positive effect that i'm going to list is the land.If Columbus hadn't sailed over here,we wouldn't know were new land was.

Negetive effects

  1. One of the negetive effects in the columbian exchange was that some of the crops that the people were growing like the potatoes had funges that killed many people.
  2. Another negetive effect is that the diseases. Columbus had meds but the native Americans didn't.
  3. One million Irish men died from starving to death.

I'm for the columbian exchange.

I'm for the columbian exchange because it gave us many things we have today.If you like to ride horses, you couldn't do that if it weren't for the columbian exchange.Also foods that we absolutly love are from there also.I'm landen smith and I aprove this message.

Rap It Up

The columbian exchange has it's positive and negetive things.It has helped and hurt us.The columbian exchange will go down in history.