Tablets over Textbooks

Walker Hall


  • No heavy text books
  • Easy to sort notes
  • Students who use tablets do better on standardized tests
  • Information can be updated instantly
  • Reduces the amount paper handouts need to be printed
  • Students who own tablets read more books
  • Teachers can easily customize learning for students


  • Shared bandwidth
  • Expensive to buy/ replace
  • Easier to lose
  • Students might not be using them as intended
  • Production of tablets uses a lot of non-renewable resources
  • Tablets can cause computer vision syndrome
  • Tablets can freeze, break or be hacked


I'm siding with textbooks, there are a lot of issues of expense and illnesses that can be caused by tablets. Though textbooks are extremely heavy most teachers use them only in class so there is no need to carry all of them home all of the time. With shared bandwidth there would be no way to take notes or read if it requires internet, or rather it would be slow.