Rider 78 Updates and Pre-K & K News

Region 7 updates for Early November 2017

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TEA Webinar Regarding Rider 78 Requirements

On 10/24, TEA presented valuable information regarding Rider 78 legislative updates, teacher qualifications, the new lists of approved student progress monitoring instruments and the allowable expenditures. If you were unable to participate in the TEA webinar, please follow the link below, register, and view the recorded webinar.

Additional TEA Rider 78 webinars and documents

Student Progress Monitoring Guidance Webinar

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HQ Pre-K Teacher Qualifications Webinar

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Family Engagement Plan

TEC §29.168, Family Engagement Plan

  1. A school district shall develop and implement a family engagement plan to assist the district in achieving and maintaining high levels of family involvement and positive family attitudes toward education. The family engagement plan must be based on family engagement strategies established under Subsection (b).
  2. The agency shall collaborate with other state agencies, including the Health and Human Services Commission, that provide services for children from birth through five years of age to establish prioritized family engagement strategies to be included in a school district's family engagement plan. A parent-teacher organization, community group, or faith-based institution may submit to the agency recommendations regarding the establishment of family engagement strategies, and the agency, in establishing the family engagement strategies, shall consider any received recommendations. The engagement strategies must be:
    1. based on empirical research; and
    2. proven to demonstrate significant positive short-term and long-term outcomes for early childhood education.

TEA updates CIRCLE PK Progress Monitoring Requirements

School districts administering the CIRCLE Pre-K progress monitoring assessments began contacting TEA to express concern over the lengthy administration time required. In mid September, TEA responded by diminishing the required test sections. If you did not receive the CLI email alerting you to the changes, please download the document below. You will notice that several of the originally required sub-tests have now been moved to the recommended chart.

Days available for On-site Trainings and Class/Team Coaching

I have reserved weekly days for full and half day on-site trainings, coaching visits, and meetings with administrators or teams. These dates fill quickly, so please contact me as early as possible to arrange a date for me to come out.

Opportunities for Pre-K and K PD and Coaching Hours

Participants need to bring a laptop or tablet, curricular materials, and the guidelines or TEKS in order to collaboratively plan lessons during all sessions. Coaching discussions will revolve around classroom practices, lessons, and collaborative plans being developed.
11/10 Kid Concoctions Session 064357

Registration is closing soon!

1/8 Writing in PK/K

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