A Peek At Our Week

September 8-11, 2015

Language Arts (RF1.3, RF1.4, R.L. 1.1, RL1.2, RL1.3, L1.4, W1.3,W1.5, W1.6, W1.8,L1.1, and L1.2)

We will continue working on /g/, /j/, /dge/, /u/, /z/, /zz/ and /s/ sounds. We will read “Jobs”, “Dot and Bob”, and “Trees Help” in our hardback reader. Our reading strategy this week will focus on the characters and beginning, middle, and end of a story (retelling). We are learning to make connections to stories (text to self, text to world, and text to text.) Our vocabulary words are aid, persistent, horrible, presented, invigorated, and sweltering. (The vocabulary words will not be tested individually.) In writer’s workshop we will focus on writing about characters and how they think and feel. We will use drama to bring stories to life.

Math: (NBT1, OA1, OA3, OA4, OA1, OA5, OA6, OA7, and OA8)

Students will read, write and count numbers 1 to 40. We will continue to practice with number bonds.The main focus for the week will be learning to "count on" to add. We will also learn to solve word problems in our math journal both addition and subtraction.

Science/Social Studies

We will continue our science module on plants.

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Community Flyers

Look for the Community Activity Stand in our school! Students and parents can get an update of community events and activities from information on the Community Activity Stand. Information that is age-appropriate for our students will be available for anyone interested in after-school activities, extra-curricular activities, and community events. Parents and students are invited to stop by the stand and pick up any information that may interest you. The stand is located by the car line door.

Want to have lunch with your child?

Follow this link to schedule a lunch date with your child!

Paine Primary Attendance Information


Each student is allowed 6 parent excuses per year (this is a change from years past). Parent excuses can be a hand written note or you may email the excuse to your child’s teacher and copy the excuse to: PPattendance@trussvillecityschools.com.

An ORIGINAL doctor’s excuse may be turned in from the parent by the student. Doctor’s excuses may be faxed to 205-228-3201 ONLY by the doctor’s office. We can NOT accept a faxed doctor’s excuse from a parent.

All excuses MUST be turned in within 3 days of the absence.