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Causes of air pollution.

When air is polluted it is full of waste. Humans introduce most of the waste that causes air to be polluted. The things that are in polluted air are gases and bits of solid or liquid matter. Most of these materials come from motor vehicles, heated buildings and burning garbage. Surprisingly, humans don't cause all air pollution. Some comes from natural resources such as volcanic ash, smoke from forest fires and pollen and dust.


The two major effects of air pollution are global warming and acid rain. Acid rain is when snow, sleet, or rain has a higher level of acid than most participation.Acid rain can do ton of damage to an ecosystem. Global warming is when green house gases get trapped in the atmosphere. These green house gases come from some of the same sources as other air pollution. the last thing air pollution will do to an ecosystem is smog. Smog is a is a thick heavy fog, like a combination of smoke and fog. This somg can hurt our lungs.


The main solution to air pollution is the Clean Air Act.This is a law passed by the U.S. that manages the amount of waste produced by factories. This is done by controlling the of amount of fuel and other products that is burned. Also ride you're bike, plant a tree. Any thing like this will help save the air and the ecosystems of the world.
Planting Trees - Pushing Back the Desert

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These is what we should all do. Let's help the land and the air at the same time!