Sunday's Thoughts

May 8, 2016

Literacy Night is this week!

I am so looking forward to our Literacy Night event this Thursday. Stacey has been working on this night for some time now and it is going to be a night to remember. We need all hands on deck to help make this a success. Please jump in where you can and help in any way you can.

Let's make this week a great week!


Seventeen school days left to make this year one to remember for our kids!


Rather than meet Tuesday afternoon, let's plan to meet during your planning in the data room. We have to finalize SLO's and discuss a few things. We will use this time to discuss Title One as well so I will not need to meet with one person from each grade level that afternoon. We will see you during planning.

5th Grade Books

The books are out in the data room. Stacey placed stickers on the back of each book with student's names on them. Please begin to stop by and sign the books for our fifth graders.

End of the Year Survey

I will be placing a survey in your boxes tomorrow morning. Please spend some time thinking about the five questions on the survey and complete it for me. I will have a box in the conference room for you to place the surveys in when they are complete. In order to continue to grow, I want your feedback so that I can hear everyone's thoughts in order to get better. The questions on the survey are:

1. What are our three biggest successes this year?

2. What were our three biggest challenges this year?

3. What do you wish you had more time to do?

4. What are you most proud of for our school?

5. What would you change about our school?

I appreciate your honesty! Please consider creating your own survey to get your student's opinions and thoughts about your classroom. This is a great way to hear what others think so that you can work to be the best you can be!

Testing Incentive

We will walk Wednesday and Thursday morning with fourth and fifth graders. We will also have our final testing pizza party for all students who were at school each testing day, on time, and worked hard on Friday. Please have your list ready Thursday afternoon so that we know how much pizza to order.


As we move into the last days of school, consider playing kick ball with your kids. They absolutely love playing and it keeps discipline issues down at recess. We hope to be out and about during recess to play with all grade levels over the next days. Also, please locate your bases. Ms.Davis said she gave each teacher bases. The kids on the big playground are using the stump as a base and they could get hurt. You can leave your bases outside if need be so that they are there for each grade level.

End of the Year Celebrations and Award's Days

I know you all have taken lots of pictures this year. Please consider creating a slideshow of pictures of your kids from the year to show during celebrations and Award's Days. Parents love to see their kids and this would be a great way to add to the end of the year events.