Should Child labor be banned?

A debate over whether child labor should be banned.

Quick facts:

*217.7 million Children of 5-7 age groups are engaged in child labor around the world.

*Among working children, 5-14 age group, 69% are employed in agriculture sector, 9% in the industrial sector and the remaining, 0.9% in mining, 6.5% in personal services like domestic help and the remaining in other activities like hotels and retail trade.

*4.7 million Or 13.4% of all children of age group 5-14 are working.

*Around 20% of child laborers suffer from severe illness or injuries during work which leads to a permanent disability to work.

*Around 4 in 5 children, work without pay.

*Around 70 per cent of child workers are unpaid family workers, especially in rural areas.

*Asia, being the most densely populated region of the world, has the largest number of child workers i.e. 61 per cent followed by 32 per cent in Africa and remaining 7 per cent in Latin America.

*225 out of 300 working children, work in hazardous conditions.

Against child labor:

A person says "I am against child labor because I feel that no child should be forced to work in such terrible conditions for no/little pay!"

This is a good point because if someone works for you they deserve to get a reward (payment) especially if they are working in such poor conditions.

For child labor:

A person says "I am for child labor because it means we can get cheap clothes and other products because they are made cheaply in another country!"

Well, everyone enjoys cheap clothes but does it mean that someone deserves ill health so we can save money?

My opinion:

I think that child labor should be banned because I know I wouldn't want to work in those conditions for little or no money. It just isn't fair!