Worker's Compensation Timecoding

Time coding for Occupational (work-related) Injury/Illness


We currently aid in controlling our workers' compensation premiums and claim costs by doing the following:

  1. We bring team members back to work immediately following a work-related injury/illness
  2. If needed, we identify and extend an offer of light/modified duty to the team member and/or
  3. In the event a team member cannot return to work or in a light/modified position the location pays the team member during time loss.

Currently light/modified is coded through the timekeeping system as "MD" or "Modified Duty." Keeping an injured/ill team member on salary applies to the state of Washington only. We are working to identify time loss and control claims costs even further by implementing several new workers' compensation timekeeping codes. Continue to read further for more details and action items.


Effective immediately:

Please use one of the following procedures to code an injured/ill team member's timecard for occupational (work-related) purposes:

Applicable to ALL locations -

  • You will continue to use a Work Rule Transfer to code hours as WC MD (modified duty) on the injured/ill team member’s timecard for actual hours worked while they are performing light/modified work duties for occupational (work-related) injury/illness only:

  • See the attached updated Work Rule Transfer instructions from the Timekeeper User Guide.

For the state of Washington only –

  • Use the pay code below for a team member who is unable to work light/modified duty and must be away from work continuously. Use the NEW pay code:

  • See the attached updated Entering Miscellaneous Hours instructions from the Timekeeper User Guide.

These pay codes are to be used for occupational (work-related) injuries only and should NOT be utilized for non-occupational (non work-related) injuries/illnesses such as for FMLA or ADA accommodations.


The Prestige Plus Benefits Team provides administration and support to your location for your injured/ill team members who have a workers’ compensation claim. Please contact the Prestige Plus Benefits Team for additional assistance.

Additionally, if a team member has a need to be away from work continuously, will be working a reduced work schedule, or needs a workplace accommodation to do their job, (non work-related), contact the Prestige Plus Benefits team to ensure compliance with federal, state, and/or local law(s).