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April 2020

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Finding a new way in new times

I can't say anything to make things better right now. Yet, like so many people, I’m struggling through day-to-day life and still want to connect with others, share ideas, and extend myself so I don’t feel like I’m going through this alone. Right now, I’m taking pleasure in the simplest things. Clean, crisp sheets, a hot shower, a good book. A hug from my teenage son. It’s only been a week but everything has changed.

I’ve had to give myself space (and permission) to be unproductive even though my instinct is to crank up my effort and energy to keep all things running. It’s all about balance. I want to help our clients tackle this uncharted territory. I want to help my son’s school and classmates adapt to remote learning. I want to help my neighbors get the stuff they need without endangering themselves. But I also know I have to chill out and take a break to stay energized. Sometimes chilling out looks like browsing TikTok for an hour, other times it’s reading poetry, and sometimes it’s going for yet another walk with my dog.

Despite not being able to fix most things right now, I realize I can offer some perspective on one of the biggest changes our culture experienced last week: remote working. Most workplaces went from having (maybe) a few remote workers to now having entirely distributed workforces. That’s a huge shift for work, and for the people doing the work. But I have been working like that for 20 years, so I hope I can offer some perspective that isn’t so much about the immediate how-tos of setting up and operating a remote office, but more about establishing a mindset for the shift and the unfamiliarity of what’s happening.

Here’s what I’ve been thinking about.

Our personal and professional boundaries will get very blurred while we adapt. We’re about to meet everyone’s cats and dogs, see our colleagues’ kids interrupt a meeting at least once, and get a view of the bookshelves and artworks at our homes. This might feel overwhelming and vulnerable to some people — it can be weird for people to suddenly see what we consider our private space (since not everyone has home offices). When that happens, I try to be respectful, curious, and human by smiling and acknowledging this unusual time.

Go easy on yourself and the people around you. We are so wound up and stressed about non-work things, let’s try to make the work part as supportive as possible. There is no way we can work at our usual pace or with our usual concentration. We might even not be able to work on our typical projects. For many of us, our confidence and identities are intertwined with our jobs. A decreasing ability to focus or a drop in productivity might have a cascading effect on how we feel about ourselves. Be kind to yourself and others during this roller coaster of a time.

Contagion, it’s on our minds 24/7 with the news cycle, but there is also another side to contagion. I have been trying to find ways to spread positive energy amidst the chaos. Doing something positive feels better and affects the people around you. I’m not saying you have to be cheery (that’s a bit much right now), but asking how people are coping, checking in on colleagues about their families, and offering something joyful can spread a little good energy.

written by Nancy Lyons

taken from her newsletter The Nan-Cave, you can subscribe here.

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