It Better be on Your Mind

General Lack of Witches

Look around, do you see witches in your town? Are you tired of the random prosecution of innocent women? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should head on down to Georgia. Here in the Peach State, we are proud to say that we have a low rate of witch related crimes. This means that your wives, daughters, and sisters are safe from false prosecution and hanging due to make-belief claims!

Land and Location

Here In Georgia, we have plenty of unused land ripe for the taking. You can use this land for anything you want, such as cotton farming, mulberry planting, and tobacco farming. You can use slaves, serfs, or paid labor, whatever you need to get this colony on its feet. Along with this unused land comes some beautiful scenery to enhance your long work days. The location for the colony is crucial in understanding its usefulness. Georgia is situated between British colonies and the Spanish, serving as a buffer state, should there ever be a war. So not only do we get a mix of cultures here, but we can pride ourselves in being the first line of defense against a Spanish war.
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Major Events

In Georgia's history, many key events took place to create the colony we have today.

  • 1540 - The Spanish Explorer Hernando de Soto explores Georgia
  • 1730 February 13 - Georgia is first mentioned in a transaction booklet
  • 1730 July 30 - James Oglethorpe petitions King George II for a charter for land to create Georgia
  • 1732 January 27 - Privy Council approves the charter
  • 1732 April - King Georgia II signs off on the petition
  • 1732 November 17 - James and 114 colonists embark upon the ship ride to the colonies
  • 1733 February 1 - Savannah is founded by Oglethorpe and becomes the first permanent British settlement in Georgia.
  • 1741 April 15 - Georgia is divided into the counties of Frederica and Savannah
  • 1742 July 25 - First Thanksgiving in Georgia
  • 1949 - Slaves now allowed to be imported


Religion -

Here in Georgia, there are two types of people we hate: those who are not tolerant of others' religions, and the Catholics. We believe all religions to have an equal place in Georgia so long as you don't adhere to Catholicism.

Government -

We Georgians follow the Trustee system. Here, it is normal for us to put in suggestions and wait extended periods of time until we get any authoritative initiative!

Type of Colony -

Georgia is a small charter colony granted by the King to our founder James Oglethorpe. This means that after offering a petition, Oglethorpe was given this colony by King George. The purpose of our colony is to make silk for the King, as well as cotton for the textile factories of England.