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Europeans have take over parts of Africa leaving only little parts of it owned by Africans. They have taken over trade routes, food, supplies, natural resources, AFC, and watermelon. Here is a picture of the areas they have taken over. All this happened at the Berlin Conference in 1884.
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Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela an anti-apartheid freedom fighter who fought for independence in South Africa. In 1961 he became leader of the African National Congress, or ANC for short armed wing. For many years Mandela protested nonviolently against Apartheid. The next year in 1962 he was arrested. He spent 27 years in prison. In 1990 F.W. de Klerk granted release of Nelson Mandela from prison. He also ended laws against ANC. Nelson Mandela was the first president elected democratically in South Africa and was the first president elected in the first multi-racial election in South Africa in 1994. Apartheid ended in 1993.
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