A Thousand Splendid Suns

By Kersen Amaya


>They both weren't wanted from there mother

>They both were forced to marry the same guy named Rasheed

> They both are an explain of what what women in middle east go through everyday.

>They both through out the book show that women rights don't matter in the middle east.

>They both were badly messed treated by Rasheed

>They both find themselves in each other


>Mariam isn't wanted by both of her parents.

> Mariam is a baster child.

>Mariam was isolated from the world

>Laila was wanted by here parents but a bit less from her mother.

>Laila was very beautiful she standed out like a colorful flower.

>Mariam wasn't really that beautiful she like a plain rock.

>Laila was able too have kids of her own.

>Mariam is like mother figure to laila

>laila is like daughter figure to Mariam

Text evidence

>page 4

>page 31

>page 268,269,

>Chapter 32

>page 236