The Old Problems and New Fixes

By: Benjamin Lopez [Video Games]

The Old Problems and New Fixes [Video Games]

If you're a gamer then you know about about video games. But sometimes they have problems needed to be fixed. This article is about the old video game problems [1970s to 1990s] and to this modern day [or past since this is in 2016 and time might have made it past] that have some new fixes to them showing that new is good. P.S: This might help you if you're a retro gamer to see that sometimes the old and original consoles is not the best and try more games [no offense] or for modern gamers to prove that modern gaming consoles is the best. Speed: Old: The old had a normal speed like a PS3 from the 2000s and some 2010s and even the PS3 is a bit old but can still get new games. New: It was quick, smooth, only have some normal speed not much lag to slow speed, which make gamers games feel like action. Conclusion: The old caught up a little bit over time and the new made up for that running smoothly. Other thoughts:They were both ahead of their time when it came to speed, but you decide! Graphics:Old: Some were 3d, but most of them was 2d and some were pix elated but the game play was good. New:You could see clearly and it almost felt like it was real and sounds real. Conclusion:The old had both 2d and 3d while the new does have 2d game play but not in 2d animation but made up for it with good graphics. Other Thoughts:Overall both of them were good you decide who should take the points. Chance of Problems:Old:Since it isn't developed by high tech it had some problems from the consoles or the games. New: It did have some problems from the games like not being able to press a button, not being to exit something, or characters glitch. Conclusion: They both had some problems to deal with but were still good. Other Thoughts: Now you decide who is better! Console:Old:Was small, didn't cost much, and have a franchise. New:Was smooth, fast, good graphics, and good games! Other thoughts both of them or good, but you decide who wins! Conclusion:This is the last sentence I would ever write for this article for now, but both of the consoles were great and the old and the new just might be similar.