VCR Lesson #7

By Ellie Brown

Fill in the Blank With the Appropriate Word

The "genuine gold" watch began to chip after just a few days, proving it was a __________ knockoff.
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The Word is... Meretricious

Meretricious (adj.)

1) Attention-getting in a vulgar way; tawdry or tacky

2) Insincere; based on pretense or deception


(latin: "to earn," "to deserve," "to merit"


Definition #1:

  • tacky
  • gawdy
  • loud
  • crude
  • vulgar
Definition #2:

  • false
  • knockoff
  • fake


Definition #1:

  • subtle
  • tastefull
  • nuanced
Definition #2:

  • genuine
  • real
  • truthful

Choose the sentence in which the word in bold is used incorrectly:

1) Although the dress was coture the meretricious style was too tacky for it to be considered wearable.

2) Although he sounded sincere, the boy was clearly being meretricious by telling the girl he was a millionaire.

3) Advertisers often use bright, attention-getting, meretricious colors on billboards to catch the reader's attention.

4)Despite the fact the purse was cheap, it was actually meretricious, as it was just on sale.

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The Correct Answer Is... 4

The sentence infers that the purse was cheap, but not fake, because it is genuine it cannot be meretricious.