Giving Back to Man's Best Friend

Stop the Abuse

For centuries now, dogs have been a major victim of animal abuse. From being ignored and neglected, to being the center of attention in a dogfight, countless dogs have perished by our hands. In 2011, out of 1400 cases, 70% of the victims were dogs. Accidents or not, we need to stop needlessly harming our companions.

Direct connection btween animal abuse and human violence

Surveys suggest that animal abuse and domestic violence goes hand in hand. 50 shelters for domestic violence victims and child abuse indicated that pet abuse occurred in their homes. In addition, victims of child abuse tend to become perpetrators of animal abuse themselves. After witnessing spousal abuse, animal abuse, or being a victim of abuse themselves, the child may take it out on the most vulnerable target, which is often the family pet. Furthermore, a study was done in a prison and violent offenders seemed to be more connected with animal abuse than non-violent offenders. Also, it should be noted that some of the most notorious serial killers had a history with animal abuse. If we can end animal abuse, it is likely that other forms of human violence will be minimized.

How Can We Help?

By knowing the signs of dogfighting, we can report it before more dogs are forced to fight to the death. An excessive amount of pit bulls in one area may be a sign, especially if they have scars on them. Another thing we can do is spread word of the $5000 reward that the Humane Society of the United States is offering. Setting up advertisements or just informing a group of friends is a great way to spread the word. The most effective way of helping is to alert the law and try to have them acknowledge this issue. If you have the police and the legislators working, the problem will be easily solved!

The Humane Society of the United Staes