Learning Lab Notes

Fun Run Week!

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Cristofer runs his hardest!

Super Runners!

We are so proud of all of the kids for their effort during Fun Run. Everyone ran or walked the entire time. It was a gorgeous day and great way to start our morning. Thank you for all of the donations to this fundraiser to support our North kids!
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Supporting the first graders running!

At Recess the kids danced for the first graders.

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Student Led Conferences

We believe that students should be reflective and in charge of their learning. They should set and monitor their goals and think about the way they learn. Therefore, this year conferences are a bit different. Each student will be choosing pieces of work that represent their learning.

We will be using an app called Seesaw, which is a virtual portfolio that you will have access to throughout the entire school year. You will have the opportunity to view your child's work and reasoning for choosing each piece he or she posts. You will also be able to comment on your child's work. We will show you how it works when you come in for your appointment.

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Jakob sharing his learning with his mom using Seesaw.

Inquiry Workshop

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Inquiry Workshop

In social studies (inquiry workshop), students learned more about the southwest native people- the Navajo, the Pueblo and the Plains. The students are learning skills in sifting through research sites and textbooks, watching videos on Brainpop, TedEd, and Youtube. Finding and thinking about information and images deepens their understanding about groups of Native American people, their culture, and the way they have influenced life today.

Students pick their best research pages.

The true story of Sacajawea - Karen Mensing

A video from TedEd that gave students information about an important woman.

Reading Workshop

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Even in the hallway they're lost in books! Building Stamina...

Responding, Responding And More Responding

Guess what we've been working hard on this week? Readers continue to strengthen their writing about their reading, while also focusing on building independence and stamina as readers. We pulled small groups of students and conferenced and coached through how to continue this important work.

Writing Workshop

Narratives Continue to Evolve

Writers this week focused their attention on drafting and revising narratives. Several groups of students met in groups to read their draft to others and get feedback, which is a very important skill. We also studied styles for endings of narratives and looked closer at mentor texts to analyze how to end strong. We will be wrapping up and beginning to publish this week. These narratives will become interactive and will be published as an ibook for families to enjoy.
Conclusions - The Dyna-Write Ending.mpg

Which ending will you try out?

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Math Workshop

Please work on Math Facts at home- 1's-12's


The Infinite Hotel Paradox - Jeff Dekofsky

Students used Edpuzzle to think about Infinity in Advanced Math (Jones).

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Geometry, Graphs, and Sheets

Kimmel (5th Grade Curriculum)- Geometry work continued this week with a study of angles. Mathematicians measured angles with a protractor as well as identified types of angles (acute, obtuse, straight, right) and lines (perpendicular and intersecting). This is hard, but important work. Please practice multiplication facts at home (1's-12's).

Jones (6th Grade Curriculum)- Graphing work continued this week with a study of interpreting graphs and reading and creating spreadsheets. Mathematicians created their own spreadsheet using Google Sheets. Spreadsheets ranged in topic from number of pages read to number of goals scored in soccer. The test over Unit 3 will be on Friday.