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2017 Conference Reflection

On March 10th, 2017, a large group of Middle School Educators had the opportunity to gather together and celebrate our passions for teaching at the Middle School level. This year, the annual NJAMLE Conference centered around the topic of Finding the Joy in the Middle. As Middle School educators, we understand the challenges and the successes of teaching students in these grades.


Podcast PD - Anytime, Anywhere PD!

What is a podcast, you ask? A podcast is a recorded show that usually has weekly or monthly episodes that follow topics such as education. Why listen to a podcast? Podcasts can be a great way to "grab learning on the go" while driving, exercising, or doing monotonous tasks like folding the laundry. If you have never listened to a podcast before, a great place to start is with PodcastPD hosted by Stacey Lindes, AJ Bianco, and Chris Nesi. This dynamic trio creates podcast episodes that center around giving busy educators, the PD that they may not be getting from their faculty meetings or conferences. Check out their AWESOME podcast and their story.

Link to PodcastPD recording

AMLE Feature Article - Professional Learning through Cross-Pollination!

Spring is in the air. Trees are beginning to bud. Flowers are starting to blossom. And bees are doing their critical work among us, which makes me think about cross-pollination and how it connects with improving middle level education and ourselves through professional learning. While I don't claim to be an expert on bees, I do know how critical they are to what happens during the spring season. Here's what I know about our busy, buzzing pals: new flowers grow because bees jump from petal to petal, picking up new bits of pollen information, carrying it off, and spreading it around. Admittedly, there's more involved to that apiary process, but the connections to middle level education and the professional learning process are powerfully evident. In brief, bees are doing what we should be doing. Read more...

Regional Summer PD Coming Your Way!

Stay tuned for dates and events near you!

Spend the morning with us and learn how to successfully use best practices in your middle schools and classrooms! We are planning three great mornings of FREE workshops tailored to fit the needs of emerging and experienced Middle School educators (Teachers and Administrators). PD topics include tech tools, differentiation techniques, reading & writing strategies, formative assessing, and more.

Hey NJ! The AMLE Annual Conference is in Philly!

Monday, Nov. 6th, 8am to Wednesday, Nov. 8th, 3pm

1101 Arch Street

Philadelphia, PA

The ultimate experience for any middle grades educator!

It's a fact! Everybody learns differently.

That is why AMLE has created a multifaceted conference to meet the needs of every educator—no matter how they learn.

  • Various session types and styles
  • One-on-one discussions with the leaders in education
  • Networking opportunities
  • Technology explained and explored throughout the conference
    And so much more!

Please join us in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for three days of innovation, creativity, and inspiration at the 44th Annual Conference for Middle Level Education. Click here for conference details

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Please consider joining our organization! Institution or School Membership is just $99 per year for the whole school! Individuals may join for $20.

Each individual member of a school district must be registered with, name and email address to receive benefits. To register individual school members, please send names with email addresses to CTORRE@njamle.org preferably in Excel format. Be sure to include your school and your district name.

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