By: Eddie W

Amazon Drones

Amazon wants to make a drone and their own flyzone at around 200ft-400ft. The drone's speed will be around 6o knots (1 knot=1.15mi). What happens if they are in danger? The drone can sense danger and avoid it. The drone can deliver a package in 30 minutes. Why isn't it out yet? Amazon's drones are illegal at the moment but Amazon if confident they will be realised soon.
Amazon Prime Air

Pros and Cons


-Less driving

-No more multiple trips to store because you forgot something



-Disrupt people shooting rockets like scouts and farmers

-Create privacy issues

So many drones

There is gonna be one thing that is gonna be on a lot of people's christmas list. Drones of course! About 1 million drones could sold during the holidays. A lot of people are breaking the rules for flying a drone and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is trying to keep all these drones under control. They are afraid of many things like plane crashes. The FAA is also trying to defend parks because a lot of people are using drones to get good air pictures.


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