NBFAP Weekly Newsletter

Volume I Issue XI

What's Happening This Week...

Tuesday December 8:

  • Teachers Meeting 6:00 pm: All youth teachers are required to attend
  • Bible Study 7:00 pm
  • Please drop off any donations you have for the coat/sleeping bag drive in the conference room.

Friday December 11:

  • Couples Ministry class 7:00 pm: all married couples are encouraged to come out. The class will be held in the sanctuary. For more information regarding this please see Deacon or Minister Johnson.

Saturday December 12:

  • Altar Ministry Training 9:00 am: if your apart of the Altar Ministry, desire to be apart of this area, or you are a licensed minister please come out. Please see Min Carter for more information.
  • Dance Rehearsal 10:00 am: if you would like to become apart of the adult dance ministry please come out.

Sunday December 13:

  • Deacon's Training 8:00 am

Christmas Banquet 2015

The 2015 Christmas Banquet was a great success! The evening was filled with entertainment by our youth and fellowship. It was awesome to come together as a church family to celebrate the birth of our savior. There are pictures from the banquet below, to view more pictures from that evening please visit the church website, the link is listed below.

Getting to Know Your Ministry

Each month an area of ministry will be featured in the NBFAP newsletter. This months featured ministry is the Dance Ministry.

New Beginnings for All People Dance Ministry is directed and instructed by Minister Nekisha Carter. The ministry of dance is a different a form of praise and worship. Praise dancing is placing God's word in motion and movement through dance, it is a visual way to relay God's message. Praise dancing is used as an expression of our acknowledgement of who He is and our relationship with Him. Praise dancing is also known as "Liturgical dance". Although the dancing is fairly new to some churches, the biblical aspects come from the Bible when David danced before the Lord when the Arc of the covenant was brought back to Jerusalem.

There are several types of dance in praise dancing. There is prophetic praise, warfare dance, worship, and much more. Dancers may whirl or spin, lift their hands, leap or bow while telling their stories with the movements. Dancers may also incorporate instruments such as glory rings, streamers, flags, and banners.

Currently there are 10 member of the adult the dance ministry; this is to include teens as well. The youth are able to participate in the dance ministry; they have their own area within the ministry where they can praise God on their level. The starting age is four years old. Minister Carter's goal for the dance ministry is teach all of those who are interested on how to minster to the people through their praise dancing. She states "I desire that the dance ministry will be able to minister outside of the church and touch the lives of people, saved and unsaved". Minister Carter is very active in the ministry and enjoys what she does.

Sis. Shannon Pulley

The Gift of Encouragement

Pastor Daniels taught a series on being an encourager. Have you been implementing and strengthening that area in your life? During this time of year encouragement is something we all need. Write a note, send a text or email, and remember we are all just a phone call away. Encouragement is contagious. If you find yourself in rut try encouraging someone else today. In turn your words may encourage you! If you don’t know exactly what to say a scripture of encouragement is great tool to use. Another great way to encourage someone is by placing a prayer for them on the prayer wall. The Bible tells us that the prayers of the righteous availeth much! Avail means to be useful or help to someone or something. When we pray for each other, and we believe that God will answer that prayer that is a form of encouragement and love. On Sundays when say the Apostolic Prayer, we are not only praying for each other we are encouraging one another. This week I challenge you to not only encourage your brothers and sisters in Christ, but encourage someone who does not know Christ and also invite them to come and worship with you.

Remember The Deployed

If you would like to keep in touch with the members of the body who are currently deployed or if you would like to send a care package, the addresses are listed below. Please keep all of the deployed military members in prayer.

Erica Raby

CW2 Raby, Erica

46th Transportation CO.

Unit # 15382


APO, AP 96257

Brent Raby

SSG Raby, Brent

602nd Support

Maintenance Company

APO, AE 09330

Casey Guidry

SPC Guidry

602nd SMC

APO AE 09330

Latoya Ruiz

Unit 15855

APO AP 96224

Deacon Prince's information will be provided soon

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Help Wanted

If you are interested in submitting a featured piece in the weekly newsletter you may send your piece to Sis. Andrea Bullard at andrea.daniels25@yahoo.com. Your piece may be poetry, spoken word, art, an article, or a testimony of good news!