Maelyn Huebert


Mary Shelley


Geneva, Switzerland, in the 18th Century


Victor Frankenstein:

He was born into the Frankenstein family and always very interested in the sciences. He was the creator of the monster. He tried to keep his creation a secret because he was ashamed of himself for creating a terrible creature. In the end, before he can catch the monster and kill him, he became ill and passed away.


Victor's creation which ended up as a monster. He was about eight feet tall, hideous and green. Everyone was scared of him and he felt like he could only take his anger out on killing inncocent people. He was also very lonely and wanted someone to keep him company. When Victor decided to not make him a mate, he became furious and killed Victor's wife.


Victor's cousin who he later marries. She was always close to the family and waited for Victor to notice her. She was attacked by the monster on her wedding night and strangled to death. Victor never told her that the monster said that he was going to approach her that night.

Plot Summary:

Victor Frankenstein was a child born to the Frankenstein family. His childhood friends were his cousin, Elizabeth, who later become his wife, and Henry Clerval. Victor was very interested in the sciences and went to college in Ingolstadt. His goal was to do away with human sickness. On one experiment, he used dead body parts to create a creature. He instead created a monster and was horrified with himself. The creature was scary and hideous. Victor went for help from his family but became very ill. He found out that his brother William was strangled by the creature and he was determined to find the monster. Victor blamed the death on himself because he was the one who created the monster. One day, Victor encountered the creature. The creature told Victor that he was the one who killed William and asked something of Victor. He demanded Victor create him a female mate for him because he was lonely and had no one. He prepared the new creature but ended up destroying it because he could not allow himself to create another awful monster. The monster was so angry with Victor and said that he would be with him on his wedding night and kill Elizabeth. Victor was confident that he would not come, but the creature came and strangled Elizabeth to death. Victor stated that he would never stop searching for the monster. After a few years, Victor died. When the monster found out, he ended his killing too. He seemed to have a change in heart as well in the end.


The turning point in the book was when the monster cames to Victor and Elizabeth on their wedding night. The monster cames like he promised and strangled Elizabeth to death because Victor never held up to his promise to make himself a mate to live with.


William, Henry, and Elizabeth were all strangled by the monster in the same fashion. They all had the distinct green marks on their necks. Frankenstein killed many people because everyone was scared of him and he was very lonely. In the end, he changed and stopped his killing after the monster found out that Victor had passed. Before this, Victor had traveled to the northern ice to find the monster and kill him before he could hurt anyone else. Unfortunately, he became ill and died before he could destroy his creation.

Connection to the Book:

What comes to mind when someone says Frankenstein? A gigantic, green, ugly monster who ends up killing everyone? Well that was how I always thought of Frankenstein as. He was a terrible monster who set out to destroy the world. I was right in some sense, but not all. I did not know the complete story of how Frankenstein came to be. Yes he did do some killings, but in the end, he changed his mind set. All he wanted was someone to be by his side because he was lonely and took his anger out on others. The monster wanted to be loved and have a lady friend be with him. I thought that it was a very good book and I really enjoyed hearing the true story of Frankenstein. I didn't know how he had changed so definite in the end of the book.


I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about tragedies. This book has many scenes of the monster killing people, such as William, Justine Moritz, and Elizabeth. The book was very suspicious at times because I was never quite sure what would happen next. I also would recommend this book to anyone who likes to see a change in the end of books. The mood of the monster changed from killing everyone in his sight, to feeling bad for his wrong doing. I really enjoyed this book and I always feel as if tragedies are more fun to read because there is more action and suspense in each book.

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