Hammer Killer

Ashlyn A and Hunter B

The case

Marissa Devault is accused of bludgeoning her husband to death with a hammer. At first she claimed that someone else attacked her husband but then after evidence showed that she did it she confessed. She said it was because he sexually assaulted her many times before and that she didn't mean to kill him. They wanted to charge her with the death penalty, but was sentenced to life in prison with opportunity for parol after 25 years.


Prosecutors claimed that she wanted insurance money because she was in debt and that she was dating someone else. Also she changed her story a lot so she doesn't seem very credible. Also the testimony from the boyfriend included that she told him about planning on killing her husband and also even hiring a hitman. Her confession out of self defense. Blood splatter

Blood splatter

There was cast off blood splatter that was when she

Murder or self defense?

We think it's murder because she changed her story often and obviously had something to hide. She also had another boyfriend which showed that she didn't care too much for her husband. Also the blood splatter showed she hit him multiple times not to just hurt him but to intentionally kill him. S