Kindergarten News

March 3, 2017

Writing Workshop

As writers we can add warning and tips to your how-to books. We can also include an introduction and conclusion to how-to books.

Reading Workshop

As readers we can use blends and digraphs to help identify unknown words.

We found blends!

Shared Reading

What are the characters thinking in the story?
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Math Workshop

As Mathematicians we can create and write numbers 11 – 19.


As Herpetologists, we can investigate the meaning of herpetology and create a list of questions about herpetology.

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Twin Day

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Wacky Wednesday

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Hat Day

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Drawing pictures from our favorite Dr. Seuss book!

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Oh the Places We Will Go!!!

Team Gear

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Library books are due on Mondays.

Our field trip to Camp Discovery is on Monday. (Wear pants and tennis shoes)

We have an Early Release Day on Thursday, March 9th.