Natural Selection

Hailey Gil

natural selection

natural selection - those who are the most '' fit '' will survive reproduce , and take an environment

Fit - The ability to reproduce

Rat Snakes

Rat snakes are an example of natural selection because they can adapt to the environment. They live in an area base on there skin color and this is good because when it needs to hide from its predators it can blend in with other things around them to hide

who or what determines who is '' selected ''

The human race determine if rat snakes are selected .

What causes Rat snakes to be selected '' out ''

Black Rat Snakes are most vulnerable to predators when they are young. Raccoons,foxes, bobcats, owls, or hawks are common killers of young snakes. A full-grown Black Rat Snake has few predators other than humans. These snakes are often killed on roads.