SAT Timeline - LHS and MHS Juniors

The SAT is coming for all Juniors on April 12th.

Late January

PSAT Scores from the October test will be handed out to all juniors. The counselors will help you interpret your scores and get connected with CollegeBoard and Khan Academy accounts so you can prepare on your own for the SAT in April.


Counselors will access junior classrooms to give short lessons on preparation and test-taking strategies for the SAT. This will support the preparation that juniors should be doing on their own through Khan Academy.


Counselors will focus on stress management techniques with junior students as test day approaches. Strategies will include deep breathing, muscle relaxation, and visualization .

April 12th - SAT Test Day

All LHS and MHS juniors will be taking the SAT at their high school. There is no need to register. Students simply need to arrive on test day prepared to take the test and report to their assigned location. More info on SAT Test Day to come as we get closer to April.

To be continued...

There will be more information to come each month as we approach SAT Test Day. Coming up next, you will receive more information on using the free SAT preparation activities through as we distribute PSAT scores to your juniors in late January.
Yours in SAT Preparation,

Milford and Lakeland High School Counselors