Superintendent's Newsletter

Finishing a Successful School Year in Barnegat

Parent Information Sessions 2016-2017

This year the Barnegat School District prepared and presented three important Parent Information Sessions in an effort to educate and engage our community. We were lucky to have some assistance presenting these sessions and they were offered at no cost to our families.

Internet Safety was presented on January 10, 2017. This was presented in conjunction with the NJ State Police. Our school counselors arranged for this informative session to be delivered to families. Parents who attended received numerous tips and strategies to keep students safe while on the internet. This session covered everything from Social Media to using the internet safely, to parenting children and limiting internet use time.

The 15 Minute Child Break was presented on February 15, 2017. Officer Steins of the Barnegat Police Department and Drug Free NJ informed parents about the effects of drugs and alcohol on students and how to avoid drugs. This session was informative and provided parents with resources and data on student drug use. It also provided practical tips to help parents identify possible drug/alcohol use and what interventions are available for families.

The POAC (Parents of Autistic Children) organization presented a training session which was open to all on May 8, 2017. It is important that parents, families, and community members understand the needs of autistic children and how and why they interact with non-identified peers. This session was well-attended and provided invaluable information to parents and community members.

Hosting parent information sessions is important. These presentations provide opportunities for our district staff, teachers, and administrators to interact with families and provide necessary information to support children and families at home.

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Teach Until the Last Bell Rings

Although the end of the year is upon us, I am pleased and excited that even as we are down to the wire, our students and staff remain engaged in meaningful learning experiences, shows, awards, recognition ceremonies, yearbook signings and the opportunity to make memories with friends before the summer begins.

Teaching to the "last bell" is more than just good teaching. It is an opportunity to try new lessons with students, ask for student feedback to create something for the following school year, reach out to families so they still feel part of our school family, and an chance to implement innovative technology or creative problem-solving activities. Teaching to the "last bell" also maintains an organized, efficiently run classroom and minimizes disruptions.

When students come home this week and you ask them what they did in class, rest assured that there is still meaningful engagement in classrooms across all six of our schools!

End of Year Message from the Superintendent

Dear Barnegat Schools Families,

The staff, students, teachers, administrators, and Board members would like to wish all families a safe, happy summer.

We know that summer time is an exciting time for many but can also be a challenge due to summer care needs, camps, schedules, and supervision of students when they are not in school. During the summer months, which can sometimes be hectic, take some time to re-connect as a family.

My message to you, as Superintendent and a mother of two, is to get to the beach or pool, play some board games or cards, and share meals together. Try to "turn it off" for just a little while and I'm sure you will create family memories!

Thank you for allowing me to serve the wonderful community of Barnegat as your Superintendent of Schools. Have a safe, relaxing, and enjoyable summer!