20% project

BY: Amanda Perez

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For my 20% project i chose to volunteer at feed my starving children. this has had a huge impact on me and others. It has showed me that doing little acts of kindness like taking a couple hours out of my weekend to go and volunteer at feed my starving children and help packaging food for the less fortune. This has also helped families in third world countries provide meals for there families so they are not going hungry and unfed. volunteering just one time you can help thousands of families. This is important because i am helping families in need and helping stop starvation in countries where families struggle to feed there children.

Facts about feed my starving children

  • was founded in 1987
  • cost 22 cents per meal
  • more than 1/2 the volunteers are under the age of 18
  • they have 3 dried, fortified meal formulas addressing the world’s main hunger needs. Each culturally-neutral meal packet contains 6 - 12 servings, depending on the food formula. MannaPackTM Rice: Our original food formula consists of vitaminpacked flavoring; dried vegetables; soy protein; and rice. MannaPackTM Potato-W: Our “baby food” which meets World Health Org. standards for infants 7 - 12 months contains vitamin-packed sweet potato flavoring; potato granules; and soy flour. MannaPackTM Potato-D: The first and only food for people with severe diarrhea (a leading killer in the developing world) contains a specific sweet potato-flavored vitamin mix which aids rehydration; potato granules; and soy flour.

why i choose this project

I choose to volunteer at feed my starving children because i wanted to help people out in need. I want to help people out so we dont have hungry children walking around. I hate seeing families struggle. i also choose to do this because it is such a easy way to help and something so little of going for an hour and help package food can help multiple families. That just makes me happy knowing i can try and help families get the nutrition they need.


I will be volunteering 2-3 times before the end of the yer so i can try and help package as many meals i can to help families out in need of the help.
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