Principal's Update

May 20, 2020

Student Pick-Up of Personal Items & Drop-Off of School Property

All students have belongings on campus that need to be picked up. In addition, many students have materials at home that need to be returned to the school. These items may include:

Student Items to Pick-Up

  • Personal Belongs from Student Desks
  • Personal Items such as Jackets that were left in the classroom
  • Spring Pictures (either proofs or the pictures that were ordered)

School Items to Return

  • Library Books (check out from the media center)
  • Classroom Books (from teacher's personal libraries)
  • Book Bags with leveled readers
  • Textbooks

Yearbooks have not yet arrived and may not arrive until into the summer. We will provide information about yearbook distribution once we have them on campus!

All students who checked out a Chromebook will be able to keep them for the summer. Please continue to use them to learn. Families that are moving or will not be returning to a New Haven Unified School, call the office at 510-475-9630 to schedule a time to return the Chromebook and charger. At the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year we will have a process to ensure students are still in possession of the Chromebook they have checked-out from the school. Fifth graders moving to the middle school who have checked out a Chromebook will check-in their Chromebook at IVCMS in the fall.

In order to ensure all students receive their personal items, and school materials are returned, we will be holding contact-less "drive-thru" pick-up and drop-offs. Please read all the following information carefully - the schedule and the procedures outlined have been put in place to adhere to social distancing guidelines and to keep our staff and our community healthy.

There are two areas of the school we will use for this process. The bus lane on Rockland Drive is one "drive-thru" location and the front of the school is another "drive-thru" location. Make sure you read the schedule to know which location you will be picking up for your child. If you have multiple children, you will need to come to campus multiple times.

Procedure for Contact-less Drive-Thru:

  • Please write your student's name on a piece of paper in large letters so your teacher can know who is in each car. This can be placed in the dashboard on the passenger side.

  • Pull up to the table that is placed at the very front of the drive-thru line. Your teacher will place your child's bag of belongings on this table and then walk back to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet.

  • After your teacher has walked back from the table, have one person from your car get out to retrieve the bag of your student's belongings. You will also be able to put classroom materials in the box on-top of the table and library books on the shelving cart next to the table.

  • You will then drive away and the next car will pull forward.

Schedule of Dates and Times for each Class:

Tuesday, May 26

Front of School


9 am: Mr. Long

10 am: Mrs. Burback

11 am: Ms. Sims

12 pm: Ms. Buxton

Bus Lane (Rocklin Drive)

Transitional Kindergarten

pre Kindergarten | Kindergarten

10 am: Mr. Szyslowski

11 am: Mrs. Chawla

12 pm: Ms. Zemanek

Wednesday, May 27

Front of School

2nd Grade

9 am: Mr. Stickland

10 am: Mrs. Chau-Ruan

11 am: Mrs. Chew

12 pm: Mr. Halatsis

Bus Lane (Rocklin Drive)

1st Grade

9 am: Ms. Fryman

10 am: Ms. Laporte

11 am: Mrs. Wanzong

12 pm: Mrs. Faria

Thursday, May 28

Front of School

4th Grade

9 am: Mrs. Freeman

10 am: Mrs. Mijares

11 am: Mrs. Mendoza

12 pm: Mrs. Sprenkel

Bus Lane (Rocklin Drive)

3rd Grade

9 am: Mr. Austin

10 am: Mrs. Shockley

11 am: Mrs. Jelinek

12 pm: Mrs. Noanchanh

Tuesday, June 2

Front of School

5th Grade

Special Day Class

9 am: Mr. Nay

10 am: Mrs. Santiago

11 am: Mr. Reyes

12 pm: Mrs. Cheung | Mr. Malone | Ms. Brabson