Simply Caddo

By:Sophia ,Logan , Ayaan ,Piper , and Keteyian

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This is some info on how the Caddo dressed.

  • The Caddo have lots of piercings and tattoos to represent the culture and their tribe.They put tattoos on their faces, and piercings on their noses & ears.
  • they used to make their garments out of buffalo & deer brains/skin.

Here some information on what the Caddo ate,how they got food.

  • The Caddo used trotline for fishing. short lines were attached about a foot apart on a long line.
  • The Caddo tribe were also farmers.They used hoses made from the shoulder blade of a buffalo to prepare the soil for planting and to clear weeds from around growing crops.

Here is some info on Caddo customs.

  • Caddo men had a custom of weeping and wailing when meeting strangers.
  • Guests were given many great gifts, and were greeted with special ceremonies.The music was played with drums and flutes.

Here is some info on Caddo traditions.

  • The Caddo built special temples,[like normal homes,but bigger,and with a fire inside] for ceremonies, and to pray 7-8 days before war.
  • After war, these houses were burned down.

here is some info about the Caddo shelter and location.

  • The Caddo huts were round and cone shaped. When families needed a new hut, it was a group job.
  • Today there is a lake called Caddo lake.The Caddo lived in northeastern teaxas.