What are the best crops for biofuels?

So, what exactly are biofuels?

Biofuels are fuels coming directly from living matter. They are mainly used to replace gasoline, diesel fuel and coal. Biofuels are made mainly from plants that have been harvested. There are 3 main types of biofuels: ethanol, biodiesel, and biojet fuel. Due to climate change, many researchers are trying to fine other sources. A great alternative is organic matter, like corn and soybeans!

The history of biofuels...

Biofuels have been used ever since man discovered fire. Wood is the first biofuel ever used. Inventor, Rudolph Diesel, developed the diesel engine which is commonly used and preferred for its power, reliability, and high fuel economy. Biofuels are commonly derived from fields, where things like corn, peanut oil, soybeans and other sources are found.

Top 3 biofuel crops...

So which crop is the best out of the 3...


Switchgrass does better for us, humans, and the world by reducing lots of global warming. It also takes a shorter time to produce, takes up less land, and gives more energy than corn or sugarcane ever could. Even scientists agree that switchgrass may be the best energy source in the future for biofules and we think so too.