SunRISE and Shine!

Start Your Day the Right Way! Come Hang in The Sun's Rays!

....Cause why not?


What if spending quality time with your friends didn't mean staying up too late and feeling like shit the next day? Actually having close to the same amount of cash in your pocket as you left home with? Not regretting a single out-spoken thing you said, cause it wasn't out of loose lips, it came from a strong, well-opinionated mind?

When did not giving a shit about ourselves become the way we enjoy our social relationships? For decades now, we've been total waste-cases, out all night, polluting our minds and bodies with bullshit, wasting hard earned money on the investment of a slow death. I, for one, am over it!

TIME TO CHANGE IT UP! We're flipping the script. Meet us at the beach weekday mornings to honor the Sun and set strong intentions for our priceless days :o) We'll be hosting some early morning sun gazing, guided breathing and stretching, and an Oils and Meditation focus towards daily intentions and long term goals, all usually over before 8am!

Feel free to stay and hang, go for a run, buddy up and barter skills, catch some surf, or just be :o)