The PaKr (Phil and Kristin) Report?

July 2013

This Flyer

I will be updating this flyer as new information rolls in, so be sure to check it out occasionally. In addition to the link I am sending via e-mail, you will be able to find the flyer on our LinevilleStaff wiki page.

Staffing Updates

We have been working hard to fill a few vacancies over the summer and many of you have been watching the postings and wondering what is going on! Here is the skinny:

  • We have hired Rachel Denamur to teach fifth grade. We are not yet certain whether she will replace Kristin in the iHouse or Todd in MVP. Rachel has great technology skills, a background in Math Frameworks and Guided Reading and is VERY excited to be a RoadRunner.
  • Todd Meikle is leaving us for a position in Sturgeon Bay that allows him to stay closer to home and to share a schedule with the rest of his family. Thanks for everything, Todd - you will really be missed here. We are waiting to see if we will need to hire for Todd's position or if there will be an "extra" elementary teacher who will be joining us.
  • Tracy Coopmans will take over as our Lit. Specialist for Dan Powers. Sherry O'Neil will be coming to LV from FG as our full-time Title 1 Reading teacher, and Michael Basset will be coming from MB for an additional .5 of Title Reading.
  • We are looking for someone to replace Connie Jordan's sections in Technology as she was hired to a full-time position at BV. We needed to change the name (from Technology Applications to College and Career) of the course to avoid the need for specific licensure. Our last posting netted only one candidate so we have re-posted.
  • We have also POSTED a sixth grade position as our numbers are up, but are NOT yet actually hiring for this position. If we DO add a section of sixth grade we will need to make some adjustments to accommodate that section. However, at this point it is looking unlikely.

August Staff Meeting

Thursday, Aug. 29th, 8:30-11:30am

Lineville LMC

We will conduct our August Staff Meeting on Thursday, August 29th at 8:30 a.m. This is a change from the usual Wednesday meeting in order to accommodate the trainings being scheduled for Achieve 3000 (If you were already signed up for the Achieve 3000 training session on the morning of the 29th, you will need to choose another session).

Please be sure to bring your MacBooks to the meeting!

1-1 Update

Administration is continuing to meet regularly throughout the summer on the Roll-Out plan for student iPads. Phil is now on the roll-out/distribution committee and will keep you updated throughout the summer. Current questions the committee will be working to answer include:

  • When should devices be distributed to students?
  • What will the process for handing out devices be?
  • What kind of user agreement should be required prior to receiving a device?
  • What will we do if an agreement is not signed?
  • How will parents be involved/trained on the devices and how they will be used?
  • Many, many more!

Let Phil know if you have any specific items you feel should be addressed prior to students receiving their devices this fall.


You will be able to pick up your room keys from the office anytime after July 25th. Our building is now cleaned and ready to roll, so feel free to come on in!


You may notice some new phones in your classrooms. These phones were installed over the summer and work through our data ports rather than a phone line. IT is working on some communication and user instructions for the fall. Until then, your old phones will remain in service as well.

Here's hoping your summer has been a relaxing one so far!