Study Skills

Here are some easy tips you can try to use to study better.

How can i manage my time with studying?

To manage your time wisely make a weekly schedule by making time everyday to study. It will improve your grades because you are setting up time for you to actually study.

How can i study enough while still getting active?

You can study in 20-50 minute chunks, then take 5-10 minute chunks for breaks. This will help you get more active so you don't get worn out too much.
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Clearing your mind before studying

If you have a lot in your mind and you cant focus you can take a moment to write everything down that you have on your mind. It will help you clear your mind so you can focus more on you studying.

Study the most important parts first

Learn the most important parts first. If you just read from beginning to the end it will be harder to memorize. Use a highlighter to highlight all the important things so it is much easier to spot it.
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Finding a good study spot

The study spot you pick should be comfortable. It should also be really quiet. You also shouldn't have the television on because it could distract you. You will most likely be more focused on what's showing then what your supposed to be doing, which is studying.