Mexico vs US and Canada development

Why did Mexico not develop like the US and Canada?

1) Mexico's foreign business

Many of mexico's major businesses were owned by foreign nations such as the US and Britain so a large amount of money went to other places.
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Diaz 1911

Around 1911 Porforio Díaz had control over mexico. He was in favor of modern reform and created Mexico City into a large metropolis in this manner. Although it was great, this only really supported the higher class, and very little benefited the very large poorer classes. This was very bad in that it made a growing economic gap between the social classes.
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Mexico's Economic History

Mexico had been through many wars with the US while quarreling for land. They had lost almost every battle and had ultimately lost the war. Throughout the wars they lost many resources including money, and the poor class had grown quickly.

US and Canada

A higher class had been to the US and Canada and had been supported by England still. Even though the US had seperated from England, they were still off with the support they had received from England. They had received enough supplies to get started as a new nation. Also the whole country had lots of resources of its own. Mexico, although, was not as full of resources as the United States was.