Country Basics

•The name of my country is the capital of the country is Tallinn. The flag is blue for loyalty is the country's ntries beautiful skies, and the black symbol is for the past.


• The location is in the continent of Europe and surrounded by Parna, Tartu, Kontia, Jarve. Major landforms almost completely surrounded by water to see level and also has many mountains. There are two major bodies of water is Estonia are The Alantic sea and the English Channel, Estonia shares these two major bodies of water with other countries to. Government

•Estonia has unlimited government but working on their way to limited Government. A study of leader is Toomas hendrik in the prime minister is Taavi Rõivas. Into thousand 11 Estonia started to vote for their presidents. Estonia has freedom of speech protection of property protection of health freedom of enterprise are some of the new responsibilities and rights.


Esteli is GPD is a average of 11.24, On high times it is 25.90 USpD on load times it's 3.88 you USD. Estonia uses the same type of money is the US. Estonia produces oil in Krups but has dry land is so it's hard to grow. As of 2012 the literacy rate was 76.7 also last recorded in 2012 1.55 burgers are due, recorded in 2014 99.8 people know how to read what is your literacy rate.


• Estonians where traditional clothing the ladies wear dresses that are classy And vintage is the Bando where britches and high socks with a top hat. In Estonia there is now that is official it is called Estonian language. So the holidays that are celebrated our event day second third and fourth then Christmas eve Christmas Saint Stephen day New Year's Eve. The main religions are 16.15 Eastern Orthodox 9.9% Lutheran and 3.25 other. Some of their most popular dishes are blood sausage, vanaema's kook, Eestt Maja and more.


• around 80s-90s in summer 45-60 in winter. The average rainfall normally starts in August. Yearly temperatures are you normally 90-45. Dry temperature but have lots of water resources to help with a dry summers.


• some historical events might be, Estonia open the university in 1632 in Tartu. Which was Estonia's first step to a higher education. In 1721 Russia getting control of Estonia which help them grow am empire.

Compare and contrast

• some comparisons might be, is Estonia they're mostly Russians in Estonians but in the United States the big culture is American. Elista only half the holder is to wear the clothes of your ancestors. But if United States we buy clothes from different clothing makers. They have two main languages which is Estonian and Russian but in the United States we have many main languages.