Rosa Parks

Why do people stand up for freedom and writes?


Rosa Parks was one of the main people in the boycott. The boycott was in Mountgomery and the whole community was involved. The boycott dates were December 1st 1955-December 20th 1956. During the boycott, blacks did not ride busses to work or school, they wallked or they carpooled. if someone was cought carpooling, they would go to jail.

About Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks was born on February 4,1913. When she was young,her parents got divorsed. After her parents got divorsed, her mom and Rosa moved to the farm, where her grandparents lived. When Parks was in the 11th grade, she dropped out of school to help take care of her sick grandmother. In 1932 Rosa married Raymond Parks. Rosa died October 24,2005.
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Why do people stand up for freedom and rights?

People stand up for freedom and rights sometimes for the safety and sometimes because people are not being fair. Blacks and whites should not have to be separated on a bus, nor should they have to drink from separate water fountains. If you think someone or something is not being fair, you should stick up for what you believe is right.