Let's Go On A Safari Montage!

Hunting for a good video database!


Safari Montage is more than just a video database. The available programs can enable teachers to access videos and create their own playlists and curation for units with ease. The standards based option in video searches can help the teacher align playlists with their curriculum with ease.

Hunting for a Bargain??

Safari Montage has a variety of options and have dealers to create a custom list that is perfect for your school. The packages are each priced individually to keep costs low and allows schools to choose just what is right for them!

Safari Montage makes learning fun!

Add Safari Montage to Destiny

MARC records and more...

Follett Destiny and Safari Montage have teamed up to create a seamless merging of resources in the library. Now students can access the great playlists and videos directly from their school library's catalog.

Safari Montage

The total solution for K-12 Digital Media Management and Distribution
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Publishers added all the time

Safari Montage will keep your school up to date with new content added to their packages so that you can stay on top!
Images and facts were gathered from Safari Montage at www.safarimontage.com using Jing.com.