The Road Not Taken, by Ethan & Oliver.

T: Speculate the Title.

I believe that the title means the choice not taken instead of "the road not taken". The author has changed it to make the poem easier to understand. Poets do this a lot in poetry, they relate the theme of the story to a real world example. Robert frost contributes that throughout the poem. From reading the title I have found the author of the poem is saying he has made a difficult choice in his life (we do not know what those choices are or how it effected him) and is regretting the choice he has made apposed to the other choice.

P: Paraphrase

A traveler is hiking a trail and he stumbles upon a difficult "choice" on which road he should take. He says I cannot travel both. He stands at the start of each road for a long time trying to make up his mind on which road he should take. He then stares one down and notices that it bends a different direction. He then talks about the other road. He says it was grassy and wanted wear. He then says they were both very worn down. He could not tell which one most people traveled on because both of the roads had fresh leaves that lay above the road. He then sighs and says I took the road less traveled by and that has made all the difference.

C: Connotation

The meaning of the story is about a man trying to make a difficult "choice" in his life. He then looks at each choice to see how this could effect him. When he is looking at the choice he notice's that it will change his life. He cannot tell how this is going to change his life because he cannot choose the consequence. He then looks at the other choice noticing that it would not change. Each choice had an obstacle. So which ever choice he took he would have to face and over come that obstacle. These two obstacles made his choice even harder to make. He then made a desision out of the normal, something most people would not do; he chose the second one, the one less traveled by. Later on in his life he sighs about his choice and how it has made is life different.

A: Attitude

At the first five lines the poet sounds stressed and confused that he must make a difficult decision. Lines 6-10 the speaker is starting to feel more stressed about the two choices not knowing how it would effect him. In the next five lines the poet feels doubtful and frustrated about his choice. Next in the last set of lines the poet seems relieved and happy. He also has changed his behavior about his desision and is glad that he chose that instead of the other choice.