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Agricultural Products Grown or Harvested

  • Wheat, corn, lemon, mango, orange, tomato, peaches, rice, sugarcane, honey
  • Table grapes, nectarines, plums, strawberries, bananas, pineapples,avocados

Natives and Beliefs

  • Mexicans belief that pregnant woman can not be exposed to extreme temperatures, spicy food, or exercise.
  • A raw egg will get rid of a baby sickness
  • Pass the Salt or Not- Believers or this superstition must ask for the salt to be placed down before possession.
  • Antojos- cravings in a pregnant woman

Holiday Celebrations

Some celebrations are:

  • Three Kings Festival- the wreath shaped rosca de reyes, or Kings's rings, made with more than 1,700 ponds of butter
  • Ice Cream festival- harvested ice cream from the nearby snow - capped volcanoe
  • Corn & Tortilla fair-celebrates Mexico's staple grain visitors also sample foods like talcoyos, ponteduros, and esquites.
  • Vanilla festival- food stalls overflow with fragment vanilla pods and bottles of extract

Mexico's Background

Mexico has a very dry climate with sporadic rainfall . Most crops grow best in the warm damp areas which is the middle east area. Most plants can't grow if the temperature falls below 6 degrees Celius or the soil is fozen for five consecutive months